The Meaning of Hugo is a Swedish film about a man whose only purpose in life is to do strange things. If something isn't strange, he won't do it.

One day he meets Helen, and falls in love. This puts him in a dilemma, since love isn't strange at all... Or is it?

This film has everything... Loafs of bread, tooth brushes, keys, hats, a lawyer in a boat, some other people in another boat, a strangely painted cup, plastic animals in a train, real animals of various kinds, socks in the wild, the horizon, a big crazy fish (not real though), an incredible amount of whipped cream, a lamp post in love and some other stuff that you might have been waiting for.

Behind this surreal odyssey are comedian Henrik Elmer and director Björn Engström, and lots of other people.

Outside Sweden, the film is represented by Tropical Storm Entertainment.

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Here is an old trailer with subtitles in English:

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